Voyages in English Grade 8 Practice Book (Voyages in English 2011)

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Let Your Words Take You Where You Want to Go

The new 2011 edition of Voyages in English: Grammar and Writing is the result of decades of research and practice by experts in the field of grammar and writing. Responding to the needs of teachers and students, this new edition provides ample opportunities for practice and review to ensure mastery and improved performance on standardized tests.
Voyages in English 2011Enables children to master grammar through direct instruction, rigorous practice, written application, and ongoing assessment.Provides master and novice teachers with support and straightforward, practical lesson plans that can be presented with confidence.Guides children to experience, explore, and improve their writing through the in-depth study of unique writing genres, writing-skill lessons, and the implementation of the writing process.Provides children and teachers with opportunities to use technology as a means to learn, assess, apply new skills, and communicate outside of the school setting.Gives children the speaking and writing practice and tools they need to communicate with clarity, accuracy, and ease.

New 2011 Features
We've taken the best of the past and incorporated learning tools for today's students and the world they live in.More exercises in all components offer additional opportunities for review and practice.Daily Maintenance offers quick, daily practice for grammar concepts previously taught to ensure mastery of skills.Improved assessments offer more thorough testing of topics. Grammar and writing assessments are not integrated, providing more flexibility for teachers.ExamView(R) Assessment Suite Test Generator CD allows for 25% more testing questions and flexibility in creating individualized tests.Integration opportunities are included in the lessons to naturally show the relationship between grammar and writing.Tech Tips and technology opportunities allow teachers to incorporate technology into lesson plans and homework assignments.Online resources provide additional support for teachers and additional practice for students.

Program Components

Student Edition
Developed in a student-friendly manner to engage all learners, the Student Edition provides clear instruction and guided practice in the writing process, the traits of effective writing, and the structure and mechanics of language.
Teacher Edition
Consistent in structure and full of helpful instructional tools, the Teacher Edition offers a straightforward, flexible plan for integrating grammar and writing. Teacher Planning Pages provide additional background information and teaching tips for ease in lesson planning.
Practice Book*
Additional exercises connected to the textbook offer ample review and practice opportunities in grammar and writing skills.
Assessment Book*
Effective assessment enables teachers to record progress, differentiate instruction, and challenge students accordingly. A variety of assessments are included.
Test Generator*
The ExamView(R) Assessment Suite Test Generator provides an adaptable tool to create a variety of assessments. The preformatted yet customizable assessments correspond with the Assessment Book and provide an additional 25% new test items for each assessment.

*Supplemental component

Web Site

Web Features

For StudentsAdditional opportunities to build and practice grammar and writing skillsGrammar and Mechanics Handbook for at-home useInteractive games for more practiceAdditional writing activities expand learning.

For TeachersTools and support to plan and execute lessonsGrammar Guides online resource helps you teach grammar clearly, creatively, and confidently.Video Tools to effectively implement grammar lessons and writing chapters into your classroom.Lesson Plan Charts show how to integrate the grammar and writing sections.

Two Core Parts--One Cohesive Program
Voyages in English is organized into two distinct parts: grammar and writing. The student books are divided in this way to help teachers tailor lesson plans to student needs and to differentiate instruction. The benefits of this organization include the following: Grammar lessons have a greater level of depth, giving students the tools needed to learn the structure of language.Writing instruction is relevant to students' lives, to the literature they read and enjoy, and to the writing they experience every day.Integration opportunities are built into the program, allowing teachers to show the relationship between grammar and writing.Flexible planning becomes simple, allowing for adaptations based on students' developmental levels.Long-range and thematic planning is effortless, allowing teachers to cover the required standards.

Grammar: Part I
The Structure of LanguageParts of speechUsageMechanicsAgreementPunctuation/capitalization

Writing: Part II
Written ExpressionElements of effective writingGenre characteristicsSentence structureWord and study skillsSeven-step writing process

Voyages at a Glance
Voyages in English 2011 is a comprehensive English language arts program of the highest quality. Voyages in English aligns with and supports
NCLB recommendationsNCTE/IRA Standards for English language arts State Guidelines and standards

Student Edition: Grammar
Systematic Grammar StudyThorough explanations and clear examples are provided for every grammar topic.Ample practice ensures skill mastery.Integration Opportunity: Grammar in Action challenges students to spot the importance of grammar in real-life writing.Tech Tips offer suggestions for practical technology integration.Integration Opportunity: Apply It Now presents solid skill application to demonstrate comprehension.Grammar Review for every section is used as review or informal assessment.Grammar Challenge follows each Grammar Review to extend the learning or offer another opportunity for informal assessment.Sentence Diagramming helps students analyz

Title: Voyages in English Grade 8 Practice Book (Voyages in English 2011)

Author Name: Healey IHM MA, Sister Patricia; Kervick IHM MA, Sister Irene; McGuire IHM MA, Sister Anne B.; Saybolt IHM MA, Sister Adrienne

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